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Square Sign Post - Make it Last

There are many different types of sign posts that you can get for your signs. Depending on the level of durability that you need and the size of the sign that you are hanging, you will need to choose the post that best fits your sign needs. A square sign post is going to give you much more durability than a u channel post or any other type of sign post because it is composed of heavy duty galvanized steel that is designed to withstand the elements better than other posts. Plus, the steel is wrapped in a square pattern, giving the sign post much more durability and strength.


Most times, the square sign post choices that you’ll find will have a standard 2-inch width and come in various lengths, from 6 feet on up. You can find square posts in aluminum, metal, vinyl, and other materials in addition to galvanized steel. It depends on what you’re looking for. Although most of these posts are typically silver, you can have them customized and painted a variety of colors to create the perfect look for your signs depending on your need.


The square sign post system is very effective and economical for sign installation. It makes for a more secure sign installation, and also makes the job easier and safer than a u-channel or other types of sign posts. These sign posts can be combined to fit into one another to allow you to get the exact height that you want. They can also be mounted in concrete, asphalt, or dirt depending on where you need to place them. They’re made of durable and sturdy galvanized steel in many cases, and are approved by the Federal Highway Administration for use in a variety of applications.


There are so many different options out there and so many different products to check out that you need to be sure to compare your options and find the best deal for whatever your needs may be. Don’t sell yourself short or settle for just any sign post because when you want or need the strongest, most durable, and most secure sign posts available, this is the one for you. These posts hold all kinds of signs, and can serve your business well.