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Sign Posts – Standing Tall and Proud

If you are considering purchasing a sign for your business, make sure that you don't forget the sign posts. Depending upon what kind of a sign you are purchasing and where you are looking to display your sign, there are many different kinds of sign posts available. Are you placing your sign outside? If so, then you will need to make sure that you have a weatherproof sign post. Will you need to move your sign from place to place? Then it is imperative that you have a portable sign post. You also need to take into account how high or low the sign needs to be in order to be visible.

If you take a quick look around your town at all of the signs that are posted, you will find that there is a great diversity in sign posts. Some signs are on U channel sign posts that are then cemented into the ground. These are most often made of either galvanized steel or fiberglass and have a long row of holes up and down the channel, allowing you to attach the sign at whatever height is best for your location. Other signs are on round poles that are affixed to a base which will allow it to be moved as needed. Still others may have reflective panels on them. These are most often found on signs that are outside, where people drive and therefore might potentially run into your sign.

If you are looking to add signs to your parking lot, make sure that you consider what kind of traffic you have in your lot before purchasing your sign posts. If you are anticipating having areas that you will block off for certain occasions, then it is wise to purchase a portable sign post. Being able to relocate your sign, at a moment's notice will save you the hassle and headaches of trying to explain to visitors where to park or not park because your sign is in a different part of the lot than where you are parking cars today.

Even an indoor sign may require a sign post of some sort, depending upon your facility. Before purchasing your sign posts make sure to consider where the sign will be posted, how long you intend for it to be posted there and what elements it will be exposed to. This will help you make the best decision and wind up with exactly the right post for your needs.