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Parking Stops - Creating the "Whoa" Factor

Parking stops seem simple enough. After all, you just have to take the time to put them down and then people will be able to park more properly in your business. You should know that there are different choices for your needs, and that you should think about the different options that you have before just running out and buying parking stops. Many parking lots work effectively without parking stops, but some people have more fender benders this way. If you want to keep your parking lot accident-free and your patrons happy, you should consider investing in parking stops to separate your parking spaces.


In previous years, parking stops were made of concrete just like the parking lot, and were bolted to the ground with thick, long metal ties. However, these often broke and became worn with age, making them basically useless after a few good hits or a couple of decades of being out in the elements. Today, the most common types of parking stops that people use are recycled plastic parking stops, which can be purchased for concrete or asphalt, depending on your needs. While most people use yellow parking stops to catch the attention of drivers, they are available in other colors, allowing you to better coordinate with your business or your parking lot.


Parking stops are perfect ways to keep people from parking off of the lot in the edge of the grass, or from getting too close to other cars that are parking across from them. When you want to make your parking lot a safer area, these stops are the perfect solution to keep fender benders and bad parking at a minimum. These days, it’s hard to get people to follow the rules in a parking lot or to keep them from taking up more than one parking space. However, when you have parking stops installed, you can trust that you’ll gain a little more order in your parking lots.


When you buy recycled parking stops, you can trust that they’ll never chip or fade, making them last much longer than concrete stops would have. These stops never need painting and they’re practically invincible when it comes to weather and traffic. You can even invest in parking stop stencils to allow you to reserve spaces or customize parking spots for people on special occasions or for special events. No matter what you’re looking for, there is a parking stop out there that can work for you.