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No Soliciting Signs – Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

If you have a place of business and wish to cut down on the interruptions, a great way to protect your time is to employ the use of a no soliciting sign. No soliciting signs are polite, discreet ways of telling sales people and others who want to impose upon your time that you are just not interested, ever. Rather than having to turn people away, again and again, posting a no soliciting sign in your parking lot lets them know, even before they get to the door that you are not interested. Having one of the signs can save you the hassles and inconvenience that solicitors can bring you.

No soliciting signs are also extremely useful if posted properly for preventing people from harassing your customers or guests while they are at your establishment. Let's say you have a Doctor's office. Your waiting room can look like a candy shop to a prospective sales person. All of your patients, sitting helplessly in your waiting room, patiently anticipating having their name called to go back and see you are an easy target for a sales person looking to find new customers. By posting a sign, you are alerting these potential unwanted guests that they are not welcome and that they may not bother your staff or your patients!

Some private residences also post no soliciting signs in their front walk to ward off potential interruptions. Although not always successful, most people will respect your wishes in this and not approach your door if you have such as sign posted. These signs can also add security to your home or business as many criminals have been known to use the disguise of a solicitor to gain access to your home or business. By posting a sign that clearly state that they are not welcome, a criminal has no excuse for entering or even approaching your property, making it that much harder to commit whatever crime they had in mind.

No soliciting signs range from very plain, simple and to the fact to very detailed and in some cases humorous. There are signs available that detail the reasons why a solicitation are not welcome and there are signs that provide alternative instructions for making an unannounced sales call. There are signs that spell out what steps will be taken with those that do not abide by the ruling of the sign and then there are those that are intended to both make a point and be funny. Regardless of how it is spelled out though, the intent is the same and clear, don't call us, we'll call you.