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No Parking Signs – For the Safety of the Public

To many motorists, no parking signs can be the utter bane of their existence. Strategically located in just the spot that they want to park their cars, these signs loom large, mocking them for wanting to park their car there. Though certainly not planted in any malicious fashion, it often feels as though all of the very best spots are off limits for one reason or another. Sometimes the no parking sign is a temporary sign. Others it may be a permanent feature of the location. Either way, this is one sign that you definitely want to obey, unless you are willing to get a ticket or possibly even have your car towed away.

Temporary no parking signs are usually erected in honor of a special event or unusual circumstance. If there is a street fair going on, or a parade or some other, large scale community event, you may find your dream spot is marked off with a no parking sign. Although it may seem that this sign was placed there just to cause you inconvenience, it is actually there to provide a service. Having the space open may enable traffic that would otherwise be trapped because of the ongoing event to pass through. If you parked there, anxious motorists might take matters in to their own hands and try to squeeze past, which could cause considerable damage to your vehicle. A temporary sign may also be erected during construction. Though you may not see the workmen at that moment an may not be able to observe any obvious danger, that sign could prevent you from having a bulldozer run into your car or a tree fall on it.

Permanent no parking signs are usually erected to help maintain pass-ability in city streets. The area right in front of a fire house or hospital is typically posted as a no parking zone, because the city needs to be able to guarantee that there are no cars restricting access to the facility. Fire hydrants also always have a no parking zone associated with them for similar reasons. Many city streets will have no parking signs on one side of the street, so that the road itself does not become too narrow for cars to pass one another without a little wiggle room in case they need to maneuver.

Whatever the reason that they are posted, no parking signs are not meant to harass of disturb citizens, they are instead meant to keep them safe. Whether you are the motorist whose parking goals are being thwarted or the resident who is being protected from obstacles, the no parking sign is actually there to perform a valuable service.