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No Loitering Sign – Control Your Property

When you first open a business or organization, you are desperate for people to take notice and take advantages of your services. If you become very popular, you might notice that some people hang around your business and parking lot just because it is a busy place to be, and not because they have any plans on using your services. If you are having a problem with unwanted visitors spending much too much time on your property, our no loitering sign can help you to tell them that you are watching and that you won’t hesitate to contact the authorities if you feel like your security is being threatened.

Most often, loiterers are teenaged kids that simply don’t have anywhere else that they’d rather go. Parks and backyards are places where small children hang out and it just simply wouldn’t be cool for these teenaged kids to hang out in the same area as their younger brothers and sisters. As a result, they typically choose large parking lots that are adjacent to coffee shops, grocery stores and gas stations, because there usually isn’t anyone that will bother them there. Unless you tell these people that you don’t appreciate them using your parking lot as a party spot, they are very likely to keep doing it. That’s why it’s important to use our affordable no loitering sign to communicate that you don’t appreciate their presence.

Hanging up a no loitering sign is a great way to tell people that your parking spaces and sidewalk areas are only intended for use by paying customers. If you are interested in getting the authorities involved in helping you to enforce this policy, they will most likely tell you that you have to post signage about your intent first. That way, when the loiterers come back, they can confront them about the reason why they are ignoring the sign.

No matter how serious you want to be about the subject of loitering, our no loitering sign will help you get it done quickly and affordably. Our signs are made of high quality aluminum, and they can be easily mounted on a post or the side of a building in minutes. They are designed to withstand abuse from the elements and any loiterers that might not like their message. If you are unsure about which of our signs to choose, feel free to contact our customer service representatives.