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Neighborhood Crime Watch Signs – Protect Each Other

From the time that we are young, we realize that our neighborhoods are the places where we can grow, learn and play with the people who live around us. Despite bicycling disasters and skinned knees, we develop most of our fondest memories in the yards and sandboxes of our childhood neighborhoods. As much as we might trust the neighbors and friends that live around us, strangers can still get into our neighborhoods and threaten our safety and comfort. Take back the night from these shadowy figures by erecting neighborhood crime watch signs all around your community.

If you’ve never thought about the importance of neighborhood crime watch signs before, you should think about the message that they send to would be thieves, peeping toms and kidnappers. Just like the practice of keeping a light on during the night to let people know that you are home and alert, these signs let criminals know that they are always being watched by the good people who live in their neighborhood. This means that if they were thinking about lurking around after dark to vandalize or steal, there’s a good chance that a member of the neighborhood watch will see the activity and report it to the authorities.

Even if you don’t already have the means to set up an active neighborhood watch, it can still be a good idea to place a few neighborhood crime watch signs on the corners and intersections. This will simply be a warning to criminals that might be trying to spot a good neighborhood in which to stir up some trouble. These people won’t know that you don’t have an official neighborhood watch organized yet. What they will know is that they have stumbled into a neighborhood that won’t turn a blind eye to suspicious behavior, and the chances are that they will move on quickly.

These neighborhood crime watch signs are made from heavy duty aluminum, and they are guaranteed to resist rusting and fading, the two worst enemies of any street sign. Be sure to post them in places where people will look, like under existing street signs and stop signs. You can also mount them onto the side of public buildings and other structures that are likely to be unattended after dark. There are several different designs and color schemes to choose from, and our customer service representatives are always standing by to answer your questions.