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Exit Signs – Going Out Never Goes Out of Style

If you have a business, having an exit sign is one of the best and most important things that you can do. Though it may seem obvious to you how to get out of your establishment, to a visitor or customer it may not be as clear, especially in the case of a fire or other emergency. Exit signs help anyone in your building to locate the easiest, closest and most direct way out of your establishment, which can be very important when you least expect it. Most municipalities require exit signs in establishments that are wither of a certain size or that will have a certain number of people in them. Check with your local fire marshall to determine what your requirements are.


Exit signs are also commonly used in parking lots. Many lots have more than one way into and out of them. It is not however always advisable to have all traffic constantly trying to squeeze through the same entryway. If your parking lot entries are too small to allow two cars to pass through, side by side with room, then you may want to consider designating one as an entrance and marking the other with an exit sign. Another reason that you may want to look into exit signs for your parking lot is if you have one entrance that is better suited form a traffic standpoint to being an exit. Clearly marking this can help direct people to that area and relieve congestion in your lot.


Exit signs are available in a great variety of sizes and colors, though they are most often white and black or white and red. The key to an effective exit sign is that it be easily readable and easy to spot. Many exit signs are lit and run off of batteries, so that in the case of a fire emergency or power outage all of the occupants of your facility can quickly and easily find the way out. Another general usage of an exit sign is in a restaurant kitchen with more than one door. If you want to control the traffic of the wait staff, it is a great idea to clearly mark an entrance and an exit.


Depending upon your specific need, there is an exit sign that is just right for you. Make sure that you know all of the requirements of your area before ordering or purchasing your exit signs, so that you can be sure that yours are up to code. Of all of the traffic signage that you may ever consider buying, this is the one that you cannot do without.