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Enter Signs – A Welcome Sign to See

Enter signs are used to clearly mark how to enter a building or structure. While it may seem that a simple door would in fact accomplish the same task the truth is that not all doors are meant to be opened. If you are in a building that has multiple entrances and exits, the chances are that the building owner or business proprietor does not want you going in and out of all of the different doors at your leisure. There are doors that are only to be used in cases of emergency and, generally speaking, there is usually only one way that they want people entering their facility.

Posting enter signs allows businesses to dictate which door they want employees, customers, vendors and guests to come in through. By controlling access to their facility in this manner, they are able to keep the people and property within the building safer. Normally, if there is going to be an enter sign clearly posted then there will also be some form of reception desk as well. The reception desk is often manned by security or other personnel who will take note of anyone entering or leaving the establishment. Employees may be asked to wear a badge, identifying them as an employee and visitors will often be required to provide identification.

Buildings that do not post enter signs are practically inviting trouble. If there is more than one entrance, people will come in however they see fit and can surprise you by suddenly being inside without anyone knowing. Personal security is not the only reason that it is advisable to post an enter sign though.  Signs like this can also be helpful to your customers, if they are not sure which door leads to your business. By clearly marking this, you are inviting them to come inside, where they are much more likely to patronize your business.

Enter signs can also be used to direct the flow of traffic in your parking lot. Having one way to enter and another to exit can be very helpful if you are on a busy street or have small entryways to your lot.  Enter signs are available in many sizes and colors and can be custom ordered to match your logo and color scheme. Whether you are looking to post a sign in your parking lot, your lawn or even in the hallway, an enter sign is a great way to communicate with anyone that you wish to have enter your establishment.