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Do Not Enter Signs - You Can't Get There from Here

Having Do Not Enter signs in your parking lot or one-way drives is often critical to the safety of the people who visit your business. Not only is it safer and helpful to your business, but as of 2007, it became a law. According to the Federal Highway Administration, all roads that are open to public travel or access are required to use the same signs as those that are used on highways and roadways, even if the property is private. Roads in shopping centers, airports, parking lots, sports arenas, and other facilities all have to have these signs in place to ensure the safety of their patrons.

Do Not Enter signs are only one of the signs that businesses will find useful and necessary for their business, depending on the types of roadways that they have. When there is a one-way street or a parking lot with directional markers, having signs that direct people where to go not only makes traffic flow better, but keep everyone safe and prevents collisions. Although some people do not obey the signs, having them in place is critical to the proper operation of your business.

There are many different sizes and reflective choices to pick from when you purchase your Do Not Enter signs and other signs, so make sure that you get the right one. There aren’t a lot of actual regulations or guidelines regarding the use of these signs, but use basic common sense. Take the time to think about the distance from which people may see your sign. Generally speaking, plan on having one inch of letter height for every 50 feet of distance. That means if your sign needs to be read from 100 feet away, you need two inch letters, and so on. Of course, bigger is always going to be better, because people will be less likely to miss it.

Do Not Enter signs in the U.S. are square white signs with a red circle in the middle. The wording is printed in white, along with a white bar in the middle of the red circle to draw more attention to the sign and mimic the standard ‘do not’ sign icon that most people are accustomed to seeing. Having a smaller business might lead you to believe that you can make your own signs or order a different design, but according to a law that was created in 2007, you must purchase the actual signs used on public roads, so make sure that you keep this in mind.